Little Mermaid Rehearsal Tracks!

Please listen to the tracks below to help you with your parts! Also, below you will find a copy of the February Calendar! Bring your scripts to rehearsal, and come prepared! Listen to your song/read your script before you come to rehearsal!

Little Mermaid, Jr. CAST LIST!

Our first rehearsal/read-thru will be on Thursday, January 31 until 4:00pm!

After the first rehearsal, most ALL-CAST rehearsals will be on Mondays until 4:00pm until closer to the performance. Lead roles will rehearse other days of the week, as well as on Mondays. You will be given a schedule on Thursday so that you will know what days/times you will need to come after school to rehearse your part!

Little Mermaid, Jr. AUDITIONS!

Coming to North Jackson Elementary on April 26 & 27!

Starring:  YOU!!

  1. Fill out the Audition Form (see below).  Fill it out with a parent/guardian, and have it signed.  Turn this in to Mrs. Lucas. If you do not want a lead role, you are done!  Wait for further information, and then come to all FULL CAST rehearsals!

Little Mermaid audition form

 2.  If you are interested in a lead role (see below for a complete list), choose                   the role you think best suits you, and PREPARE that role’s audition BEFORE coming to audition.

Little Mermaid Roles

3.  Below you will find materials to audition for each lead role.  Each role has both a singing and speaking part to prepare (except for Triton, who only speaks).  You will find the visual copy first, followed by an audio clip of the music to help you learn your part.

 4.  Sign up for an Audition Time on Mrs. Lucas’ door.  Auditions will be on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday the week of January 22-25!  

*Notice, some roles are specifically for girls, and some are specifically for boys.  There are 3 that could be EITHER girls or boys!



1. Ariel

Ariel audition

“Part of Your World”


2.  Mersisters (There are 6 different Mersisters!)

Mersisters audition

“She’s in Love”

“Daughters of Triton”


3. Ursula

Ursula audition

“Poor Unfortunate Souls”



1. Prince Eric

Prince Eric audition

“Fathoms Below”

“One Step Closer”


2.  King Triton

King Triton audition


3.  Scuttle

Scuttle audition

“Human Stuff”


4.  Sebastian

Sebastian audition

“Under the Sea”

“Kiss the Girl”


5.  Pilot 

Pilot audition

“Fathoms Below”


6.  Grimsby

Grimsby audition

“The Contest”


7.  Chef Louis

Chef Louis audition

“Les Poissons”




1. Flounder

Flounder audition

“She’s in Love”


2.  Gulls

Gulls audition

“Human Stuff”


3.  Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam-Jetsam audition

“Poor Unfortunate Souls”


The Nutcracker!

Here is a copy of the script and all of the song lyrics, so that it is easier to learn!

Nutcracker Script & Music

Kindergarten will perform and ALL GRADES will sing, “The Waltz of the Flowers.”  You can hear it below:

09 Track 9


1st Grade will perform the “March of the Toy Soldiers.” You can hear it below:

02 Track 2


2nd Grade will perform the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” You can hear it below:

03 Track 3


3rd Grade will perform the “Dance of the Reed Flutes.” You can hear it below:

06 Track 6


4th Grade will perform the “Arabian Dance.”  You can hear it below:

07 Track 7


5th Grade will perform the “Chinese Dance.”  You can hear it below:

08 Track 8


6th Grade will perform the “Russian Dance.”  You can hear it below:

05 Track 5

Music Is . . .

The first week of school, all students in grades 3-6 at North Jackson were asked to answer 5 questions: What is music? Where do you find music? When do you hear music?  Who makes music?  Why is music important?  Using only their words, I created a powerpoint that will let you view their thoughts.  This is better than any advertisement any teacher could produce for music education, because it was done by students.  Check it out below!

Music Is.. NJE 2018

School House Rock Live, Jr! AUDITIONS

Coming soon to North Jackson Elementary! 

YOUR opportunity to be part of an amazing cast as we prepare to perform Schoolhouse Rock Live, Jr!! 

Audition materials are posted under the School House Rock Live, Jr. page under the navigation bar to the left.  Materials can also be obtained at school!  Come see Mrs. Lucas for any questions!  Can’t wait to get started!

Rehearsal Tracks are here!

To help you prepare for All-State Auditions, I have included rehearsal tracks that walk you through all parts of the audition in the “All-State Information” part of the website!

Learning your part before you come to audition is so important!  At the audition, we want to work on fine-tuning the musical details, not spending time learning the notes!


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