BC Elementary: KyACDA All-State Information

This year, KYACDA All-State is on November 11-12 at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky for those selected to participate.  It is sure to be an amazing experience!

I hope that everyone will consider auditioning for this amazing group! Come see Ms. Rutledge for Audition information and dates. Auditions will be due Wednesday, September 14!

For 5th and 6th graders, follow the KYACDA Audition Procedure.  Click on the link below to see it:


Rehearsal Tracks Below:

1. Sing an F Major Scale, ascending and descending, using solfege:

Soprano scale

2.  Sing “My Country Tis of Thee,” in the key of F:

3.  Sing measures 9-25 of, “Child of Tomorrow.”

Here is the sheet music for you to follow.

Child of Tomorrow mm9-25

Click on the link below to find an audio recording of the song. You will have to click on the speaker icon next to the “Unison/Two-Part” version of the song. Remember, you only have to sing measures 9-25!

Listen to the song!

This second version has ONLY the accompaniment.  Practice singing along with it, as it is what you will have to do when you audition:

That’s it!  Make sure you look at the music while you sing and remember the good, tall vowels we use in class!