Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday

January 27, 28, & 30

Until 4:15pm

**Pick ONE day to stay, and sign up on Mrs. Lucas’ door!

How to Audition:

1. Pick up an Audition Form.  Have your parents help you complete it, sign it, and then turn it in to Mrs. Lucas. Or you can print the one below:

2. If you do NOT want a lead role, you are done!  Wait for further info from Mrs. Lucas! The first rehearsal for ALL CAST will be Friday, January 31 until 4:00pm!

3. If you would like to be considered for a lead role, look at the list of roles and CHOOSE the one you feel fits you best.

For a more detailed description of each role, take a look at the following:

4. Take audition materials for that role and PREPARE the song and speaking parts BEFORE coming to your audition. Below you will find the audition material for each main role, plus an audio version to help you learn the audition material!


Gertrude McFuzz

Mrs. Mayor (of Whoville)

Mayzie La Bird–for song, begin listening at the 1:17 mark on the song below.

Sour Kangaroo

Bird Girls-audition with “Gertrude” material above.

Young Kangaroo-audition with “Cat in the Hat” material below.


Horton the Elephant

Mr. Mayor (of Whoville)

Judge Yertle the Turtle-
audition with “Cat in the Hat” material below

Vlad Vladikoff-
audition with “Cat in the Hat” material below

The Grinch-
audition with “Cat in the Hat” material below



The Cat in the Hat

Wickersham “Brothers”-
audition with “Cat in the Hat” material above.

**There are also many spots for Citizens of Whoville and various Jungle Animals if you would just like to be part of the “Company” but not audition for a “leading role.”