NEWSIES, Jr. Auditions!

January 30-February 1 in the BCMS Choir Room, from 3:30-5:00pm

Basic Audition Information

Please read this google doc:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email at

Here is a list of all characters in Newsies:

Audition Materials


Any student wanting to audition for a featured solo role, or isn’t sure which part to audition for, please prepare, “Carrying the Banner.”

For the role of Jack, please prepare, “Santa Fe.”

For the role of Davey, please prepare, “Seize the Day.”

For the role of Crutchie (which could be a boy or a girl), please prepare, “Letter from the Refuge.”–Crutchie’s part begins at 1:37 on the track included here.

For the role of Katherine, please prepare, “Watch What Happens.” It begins at 1:43 on the audio file below.

For the role of Medda, please prepare, “Just a Pretty Face.” It begins at approximately 0:30 on the audio track.

SPEAKING-we will choose one of the following scenes for you to read!